Chapter 2 – Being Ready for something “weird”

The more videos I watched, the more my curiosity grew. I had regular chats with my parents about the knowledge and information we were watching and even my dad started watching videos about UFOs and Aliens which to me seemed WAYY too out there for me to comprehend at that time. So minus the alien youtube videos I was learning more about spirituality and exploring other “channelers”.

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I read more books – Ekhart Tolle’s “the Power of Now” was a fantastic read and we even took a family trip to a weekend long Joe Dispenza workshop where we could learn how to change our thoughts and beliefs to change our lives.

For me this workshop was a real turning point. It was the first time I had practical experience of something “out of the ordinary”. If you’ve ever been to one of Joe’s workshops (and if you haven’t I’d highly recommend them if you’re ready) then you’ll know that after he has explained all the theory behind your thoughts and beliefs, brain wave patterns and why you have the experiences you have, you’ll jump into an hour (ish) long meditation which you practically start to shape you thoughts to create a new life.

It was the first time that I was actually able to meditate for this long (without falling asleep). In the meditations I really started to feel utter peace and contentment. Like I wasn’t tied to my body and the limitations of physical form. I wouldn’t use the word “profound” but just complete peace and relaxation. I came back from that weekend long workshop feeling really connected and content.

First Contact

The order of these events are actually reversed, the workshop happened after this but I wanted to end this chapter talking about my OBE (out of body experience). I didn’t know at the time this is what it was, but recently I’ve confirmed that this is in fact what happened.

It was August 2015, 1 month before I had met my girlfriend on a show that I was doing in Hertfordshire and was feeling on top of the world – life was (and still is) really great.

In the Summer I was performing in a couple of plays for the Broadstairs Summer Rep season, because I grew up in Broadstairs and my parents were still there, I was able to stay with them.

One morning around (6-6 30 am) I was woken up by what felt like my whole body vibrating. It was such an intense vibration that I felt like I couldn’t move. I felt like I could probably move if I wanted to but I didn’t because it wasn’t really uncomfortable and well, you know, I was sleepy.

Then I drifted into what seemed like a lucid dream, I was approaching a lift and had a round, rough-cut crystal in my hand. There was an opening by the lift doors that the crystal slotted into. I put the crystal in and the lift doors opened.

I went into the lift and it started going up. There were no numbers or anything like that, I wasn’t controlling where it was going.

When the lift doors opened I was in a fairly big room with a sofa on my right, completely darkness ahead of me and a table with two chairs on the left. There were two “beings” in the room, one with a masculine energy in front of me in the darkness and one feminine energy sitting at the table. She seemed like an older lady and I was compelled to sit down opposite her.

At this same time I could still feel my body vibrating intensely and it was still really paralysing, so much so that I couldn’t muster any words to say. I could barely speak because the feeling was so intense. Then, all of a sudden, I shot back into reality and had to move to shake the vibration feeling.

Apart from thinking “what the hell was that?” I was too tired to really care and fell back to sleep.

Then, it happened again, the same vibration feeling, the exact same repeat of the dream to the point that I was sitting opposite the old lady. The only words that I could barely whisper out to her (because of the vibration I was feeling) were:

“Are you a higher being?”

She answered me: “No. You are.”

Apart from being confused by this, I shot immediately back to my body and had to shift around again to get back to reality.

To this day I still don’t really know what the words meant. When I know the answer I’ll definitely share it.

The important thing that I know about this experience was that I was being offered up a glimpse of something more, “invited” if you will to embrace a new awareness. An awareness that we are much more than a physical human being binging on netflix eating pizza (hint: my favourite thing to do).

In the next chapter I’ll talk a bit about how this experience changed me and what was offered up next in my dream state.


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