Chapter 3 – Embracing the messages

Straight after my out of body experience I was able to share it with my parents, I knew they wouldn’t judge and would be completely open to hearing about it.

At first I was a little scared by it, I didn’t at the time know it was an OBE and a part of me thought I was going mad. It felt so real but if you tried to explain it to someone they’d probably just brush it off as a weird dream. I knew though that it was more, I knew that I was being invited to learn about something that I currently wasn’t aware of.

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I carried on about my normal life and meditating  seeing if I could get back to that state. I didn’t try very hard and I was being way too impatient to think that I was ready for anything more. That’s the thing, you might think that you are ready but it has to happen naturally, organically, you can’t force yourself to experience something if you’re not ready.

I found myself watching slightly more “out there” videos on youtube, Gigi Young’s “Star Seed” story for one, interviews from “Wisdom of the North” for another. Suddenly I started to care less about how “supernatural” they sounded and more that if they offered me something of value, I would watch them.

More Dreams

It was around the early part of 2016 that in that same time of the morning, around 6-7am, I would start to have that vibration feeling again.

I was becoming familiar with it now and started to see if I could keep myself there without needing to move and shake it off. Sometimes I would drift into a dream, sometimes I would just lay there, paralysed by it for what seemed like nearly half an hour.

There are two experiences that I had that stand out, in one dream I was being “channeled”. This is where some being or collective consciousness was speaking through me and I, my conscious self, was taking a back seat. I don’t remember what was being said but I do remember being affected by it. It was the most profound information coming through me that I was in awe. 

Update: I just remembered that one thing they said was that they called “beings” that are on the other side waiting to incarnate “investors”.

Another time I remember seeing the words as clear as day in front of me that read:

“Environment opens consciousness, consciousness unlocks the door.”

I did see other words and sentences but that one stood out enough for me to remember when I came back to reality and was able to write it down quick enough before I forgot it.

The point I want to raise in this chapter is that we’re constantly being given little titbits of information, little messages that if we choose to listen to them, we’ll get more. But only when and if we’re ready. I was ready at that time to receive more signs and experiences. It’s not really that we “receive” them as such, that’s a wrong word to use. It’s more that we “tune” into the signs and messages that we’re ready for.

When you read a book or say watch a video on UFOs and ETs, you are being offered up a vibration or frequency of thought patterns. If you accept and embrace that information then you are tuning yourself to that frequency in that you will embrace more information on the subject.

After that first OBE, if I had said “That’s it. I don’t want to ever feel that again, I don’t know what that freaky dream was, I must have eaten some cheese or something.” then I wouldn’t have had the experience again.

Because I didn’t turn my back on this invitation for new information, I was to have another OBE, and this time I was able to come out with a few more words.


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