Chapter 4 – The Council

My next OBE (out of body experience) was a real game changer. Now I look back it was so profound that it was exactly what I needed to experience at that time.

It had been several months after any experiences and this was reflective of what was happening in my life. I was busy with work and it wasn’t a good time to be “contacted” any time.

When things had “calmed down” and I was able to read more and look at more YouTube videos, I realise I was ready for another experience.

Before I go into the experience, one book that really opened my eyes and stretched my thinking to embrace what was to come was Dolores Cannon’s “Keepers of the Garden”. I had looked at some YouTube videos of Dolores Cannon’s work every now and again but it was this exact time that I was ready to understand more.

At first it seemed so “out there” that I couldn’t believe that what she was saying was possible. Spaceships, ETs, Past (or “Simultaneous”) lives, our higher self – all this exists?

I won’t link any videos in this article because I think if you’re ready to discover this information then you will have the desire to seek out the right video for you.

The First Spaceship

It was that time of the morning again when I was to drift into my “lucid dream” state. I understand now that the reason it is this time in the morning is because it’s when you have the highest concentration of DMT in the brain and therefore is the easiest time to raise your vibration to higher levels.

I was viewing a spaceship along a river side, it seemed like somewhere near Thurrock/Dartford as it looked like the Thames. I was watching it glide along on it’s side and up and down. I could see it in perfect clarity but I wasn’t on the ground level. I was in mid air watching it on the same height as it was travelling. Then as it went up into the sky, that part of the “dream” ended.

The Dome City

Another part of my dream began with me flying around this incredible “dome city”. There were tall buildings and encompassing all of the city was this glass dome – it looked beautiful and I felt like I really knew this place.

The dream then cut to me in a room and I was looking in this huge “bowl” where there was swirling energy inside. It was moving and glowing. There was another device that was being used to “suck” up the energy from within the bowl to be contained. I’m not sure what it was being used for but again it was astonishing.

The Council

Next, I was in my flat and surrounded by a number of “beings” (4-5 at first). They looked humanoid and I could make out some of their faces. They were all watching me and they seemed to be very friendly. I wasn’t scared or worried but fascinated in where I was.

Even though it looked like my flat, I knew it wasn’t, this was an image that was familiar and comfortable territory for me so it makes sense that this contact was to happen here. Luckily I was actually able to speak this time and said:

“What time is this?”

They responded: “Time doesn’t exist here the way it does there.”

Ok – makes sense I thought. It’s worth pointing out that this state I was in was completely and utterly blissful. I felt no constraints or restrictions of a physical body, the best way I could describe it was a complete feeling of freedom.

They called me “Oliver” and when I asked why they said “Like the Superhero”.

This is where I am interpreting a little because it get’s a little fuzzy. But I’m guessing they said Oliver because of Oliver Queen and the fact that I’m a fan of the Superhero TV Show “Arrow” and I’m guessing in a weird way this is something they thought I would understand.

So naturally I asked “are you calling me a superhero?”

They responded: “No you’re like the cape to the superhero.”

Confused? Yes I was. But they explained to me that Superman needs his cape, and the reason I am here is not to directly be the superhero to save people but to act like the cape to the Superhero – the Robin to the Batman. The one to help and guide.

Without asking what my purpose was, they had kind of already answered it.

As this was going on, there were more beings joining the group, I believe it went up to around 7 “in the room”. There were 2 that seemed to be directly communicating to me, the rest was observing. I remember one being was very small – maybe 3 feet tall. Either way, this was a beautiful and fascinating experience to go through. When I came to, I felt the intense vibration of coming from out of body back into my physical body and became fully “awake”.

I immediately rang my parents and started crying glorious happy tears. I didn’t know why I was crying, maybe because I felt connected to something so real and understood a little better why I was here and what this experience was all about.


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