Chapter 5 – The Speaker

Since the first “real” contact that I had in the last chapter, dreams have becoming a more frequent occurrence (2-3 times a week). I think whatever that last experience was, it opened a much deeper connection and even though it still wasn’t clear to me the purpose of all this, I had opened the “can of worms”.

This chapter is my latest experience (at the time of writing this blog post). The previous 4 were catching myself back up with things. I’m hoping now that I have the blog set up I can get the information down when it’s fresh-er.

The dream started with my living with my girlfriend in a flat that was above a restaurant. In the dream, she (or her family) owned the restaurant and at the “time” this dream was happening, it was closed for business. On the same street where we lived were 3 of my friends, 2 are close friends in real life, the other I haven’t seen or spoken to in around 4-5 years.

I ran into this friend and was so happy and surprised to see him that we immediately went into his house and started catching up (it was just me and him). The room we were in had a window and mid way through a great catchup, I looked out the window.

“Mate, can you see that? Please tell me you can see that?” I said.

Another Craft

I was looking in the sky at what appeared to be a huge round space ship. It was I guess about 10-15 times larger than the moon (filling the sky). It was a dark, charcoal grey colour and had a band around the middle that I’m guessing is like an observation deck. It had a spire coming out of the top on the right and 1 coming out of the bottom on the left.

It was so shocking and overwhelming, I could feel the fear and disbelief in what I was seeing. I knew it wasn’t threatening, I wasn’t fearful of destruction but it was a kind of “holy crap aliens are real and have landed” feeling.

As soon as my friend got up and went to go to the window, that part of the dream ended.

Note: It’s worth mentioning at this point that this was actually the 3rd space craft I had seen in my dreams. I had another dream that I hardly remember but do remember looking up and seeing a craft fly over me that looked like a completely solid figure of 8 sign, quite flat looking and fairly large (like the size of a blimp).

The Vessel

After that section ended, I was in a place where there appeared to be a lot of activity, there were lots of “beings” walking around being very busy doing things. It seemed like where I was there was a lot going on. I remember being able to see quite far into the distance and it was a light reddish terrain, the sky was in between a maroon and burgundy colour.

I was walking with someone around this place and they indicated to me a man across the way that was looking at me blankly. I knew that I was supposed to talk to this man so I walked up to him.

As I started talking I could feel myself starting to channel, the messages that I was saying were for me, not coming from me. I was supposed to listen, the only problem was that “I” was telling the man with a blank expression, and not myself. I found it hard to hear what I was saying (unlike the other channeling dream where it was clear). As this started to get confusing, and whoever was broadcasting the messages realised this, me and the man switched. He was now speaking to me and all I was doing was listening.

The best way I could describe this man would be to say he was a “vessel”. There was no emotion behind his eyes, he was like a robot. Whatever was giving me the messages was just using this man as a way to give them to me.

It felt a little easier to speak when we switched and I was able to ask a question:

“Why I am being shown these spaceships?”

The only part of the answer I can remember is “traveller, explorer”. I am guessing that these are ships that I have come into contact with or perhaps even been on in one lifetime or a parallel life.

The answer I got from the man was very quiet, almost whispering and like before, I was struggling to hear (I realise now that this is possibly because around me there was noise (in the real world) which was likely affecting my dream state).

The man then stopped talking and indicated to a speaker on a wall. It was about shoulder height so I was about to lean in listen to what was being said. It started out as a robotic voice and progressed to sounding more human. As with all my dreams I don’t remember everything that was said but I do remember parts.

Firstly I must have asked when this time was that I was existing because they said “”Now” here is not the same as it is there.”

Secondly they told me to “Plan ahead” and not to “rush”, they said something like “Nothing upsets us more than seeing people rush ahead”. This year I have felt like I have needed to chill out because I take on too much, I am super impatient >_<

It got to the point like with the man where I could barely hear the voice coming out of the speaker, I felt I had to push my ear closer and closer to listen. Eventually I was pulled out of the dream by a noise outside. As I come out of the dream I go through the intense vibration feeling in my body which I now know is the indicator that you are separating from the physical into the non-physical.

Update: Chapter 6 now available!

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