My QHHT Experience

If you’ve read my “Chapters” blogs then you’ll know that I’ve had some pretty interesting dreams over the last year. During that time I had come across Dolores Cannon’s work and her Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT). It absolutely fascinated me the information that she was getting from her sessions and how much it resonated with me.

Knowing that she taught many students over the world this same technique of getting her patients in the deepest level of trance possible before sleep made me think that I could get some answers on what I’ve been experiencing.

I looked up places near me in London and found Lorna Wilson in Lewisham, London. The session was £250 for a 4 hour slot (although we went over). The actual hypnosis is only around half of that I guess, maybe even less.

Before the Hypnosis

We had a lot to discuss and with her psychology background we were able to dig deep into my background, family situation, work life and what I wanted to get out of the session. She immediately made me feel comfortable and had so many words of wisdom for me and nothing I said seemed “out of the ordinary”, when you can just unload on someone that understands and doesn’t judge it’s so freeing!

She wrote down some key questions that I had for my SC (sub conscious), and notes from the dreams that I had experienced. Before I knew it, we were ready to begin.

Exploring Past Lives

I explained that I previously had undergone a past life regression and nothing happened. Rather than going “down” in the lift, I wanted to go up. He explained that there was no reason to try and access past lives.

Well when you go to have a QHHT session you attempt to access a past (or “parallel”) life before getting into the sub conscious mind where you get the answers to your important questions, that’s where the real healing takes place.

Lorna walked me through relaxing and slowing down my brain waves to a point where I started to lose feeling of my body. For me in meditation I know this is the point where I really start to let go and relax. Then, the inevitable happened.

She tried different techniques to try and guide me to a past live, but nothing was happening, I simply wasn’t picturing anything. I did start to feel a sensation of spinning however and like a massive weight was “pushing” me onto the bed. Going deeper into this revealed the feeling that I have being weighed down by a lot of commitments and attachments that I have to various people around me, feeling responsible and holding onto their emotion without letting it play out for them.

This wasn’t the only thing I was holding onto either, I was suddenly back to a point traumatic point in my life where I was a child having a panic/asthma attack. I could feel the fear of my parents and I remember my younger self telling them that I thought I was going to die. I hadn’t realised that this wasn’t something I’d dealt with, I remember them calling out a doctor in the middle of the night to help. This was before I had been diagnosed with asthma and was on constant antibiotics so there was no relief from the panic or lack of being able to breath.

The Glass Pyramid

With Lorna’s help I was able to let go of this trauma and move onto seeing a “glass pyramid” that had many memories playing on TV screens inside. The memories were further experiences that I had to let go of.

As we worked I could feel lots of like “cables” being unplugged from my body, all the responsibilities and problems that I was holding onto for other people started to be released. Yes, there was unexpected crying, a pretty big release of emotion.

It was time to call forth the SC (sub conscious) and ask questions. Up till this point I was in such a deep state of relaxation but when she requested to speak to the SC I could feel a letting go of “me” and another “voice” come forward. This part was really surreal, there was no delay or filter in having the answers to her questions and my voice weirdly sounded deeper and more “knowing”.

I can remember what it felt like and some of the answers that were given to me, it’s not like I was completely out of it, I was present but not answering the questions consciously. The session was recorded so I can listen back at anytime.

What I learned

My subconscious confirmed there were lots of experiences that were in my past that I had to let go of in order to move forward. The “council” that I saw were described as “friends on the other side” the came forward to help me “see”.

In the last 6 years I have discovered and pursued an acting career on the stage and Lorna asked the question regarding why I chose this to pursue and what the purpose of this was. My SC said “He needs to connect with others, connecting on the stage, he can see that many people affected by him and his presence, his love. He needs to see who he is. Showing him he is someone that people connect with.”

Lorna also asked my overall purpose and the symbology of the “superhero cape”. My SC said I am to help “facilitate the transition” and through my work on the stage I am able to connect with people at an unconscious energy level.

“It’s unspoken.” my SC said.

“The stage and performing arts were to tell him that he can engage with people and use that to speak to others on a different level. He will now engage them in a different way.”

“He knows people better than he thinks.”

There were lots of other family and relationship questions that give me closure when I listened back.

My SC also said that I wasn’t ready for everything that is about to happen because I was being held back by the past.

The channeling dream was apparently “opening up” and dreaming was the best state for me to experience these things were because I was relaxed. I apparently need to relax more and not fear what is happening.

The Dome City was described as “home” (WHAT!) and being on Earth was for a time and purpose.

The crystal mountain vision I had in a previous dream was symbolic, climbing and moving upwards in spirituality and my journey. The spaceship that I saw was described as “how he travels”, is connected with home and apparently I’ll be receiving more clarification on this. The “lapis lazuli” stone that I have been drawn to recently is a reminder of my home.

Regarding my (Earthly) home I have been told I should create space, clear junk and be more outside. The colour yellow is a connection with home too and apparently I will be visited many more times and things will happen quickly.

What I am doing here is helping people back home and it’s not the first time I have journeyed from home to help. I was planned to be the youngest child and am the only one of the family from this place I called home.

We ended the session shortly after and I remember the re-adjustment of having to exit that state and become “conscious” again, it was so peculiar and really hard to describe. She said that my head was twitching and “jerking” a lot throughout, and I think now looking back that it was my conscious mind battling the sub conscious for control.

What’s happened since

I wrote a Chapter 5 which is a dream that I’ve had since the QHHT session. Physically, I have done what my SC said – I have cleared out and continue to clear out masses of things that I don’t need in order to create more space. This has made me more relaxed and I’ve taken a different approach to work so that it doesn’t take over. I have felt lighter having let go of a lot of past issues and even managed to get outside more (not as much as I’d like).

Lorna was so generous in that she gave me a chunk of raw Lapis Lazuli she had which sits proudly on the shelf. I want to look into working with crystals more as they’ve fascinated me since I was a child.

I want to thank Lorna from the fullness of my heart for the session. If you feel it’s the right time for you to have a QHHT session and are in the London and surrounding area then I would highly recommend visiting her.

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