Becoming Light(er) Beings

Recently, I’ve been diving deep into Dolores Cannon’s books and most recently The Convoluted Universe 5. There’s an absolutely fascinating chapter regarding someone that experiences a life where they are transitioning from being a dense-physical being to a being of light. This prompted me to talk about our transition and how one day we might actually achieve this state.


Now that more of us are being “enlightened” or aware of a shift in consciousness, we’re able to start progressing towards becoming “lighter” beings. I have no doubt it will be a while before we can actually ascend our consciousness to be able to merge with the light but we can take steps to raise our consciousness. What I talk about here is just a collection of ideas and understanding from books, videos and content from around the web.

Removing Fear

One step towards becoming lighter is by removing fear from our experience. It’s an emotion that is completely manufactured and is taught to us from a young age. What we are seeing now is that the children today growing up have much less fear and are more freely able to express themselves without the worry of judgement, despite what they’re being taught!

Fear holds us back and keeps us grounded to a 3rd dimensional reality.

As our awareness grows, our fears will start to subside. We won’t fear death, we’ll be more connected with ourselves and our whole perception of just existing will change.

Removing Judgement

Just like fear, our judging of others holds us back. This feeling generates negative energy which grounds us to this dimension. We have to accept and trust why others make the decisions they do. We have to have compassion and like I said before, as our awareness grows, our understanding of source and our interconnectedness will help remove judgment.

Our Diets

As the shift continues, more and more of us are going to choose to change our diets. Firstly, we’ll choose to eat less meat. The killing of animals for food is seen as completely un-necessary nowadays and not only because there isn’t a requirement, but the energies that we are absorbing through meat is also another thing that will stop our ascension. When we consume meat, we are also consuming the energies of the animal. For very dense meats such as beef and pork, we are absorbing dense energy which also keeps us grounded to this 3rd dimension.

You can see it happening all around you, not only with the rise of alternative diets but also with more meat-alternative companies replicating the structure and taste of meat. This is to ease the transition. Recently I saw that a meat company bought shares in one of these “faux meat” organisations clearly recognising that this is the way we are progressing.


Yes, this burger is fake meat!

Secondly, we’ll choose to eat more raw foods and less processed foods. These will naturally make us feel lighter (notice how you feel different after a salad compared to a steak?). People might say “yeah well I won’t stop eating steak, it tastes too good!”, this won’t matter as we shift because there will be less enjoyment coming from the taste and we won’t enjoy the dense heavy feeling after.

Less Ego, More Heart

You know the phrase “Follow your heart”? Well, the more we practice this approach, the better we will start to feel. If we can go about our day making decisions based on what “feels” good rather than what “think” we should do then life with run a lot smoother. A lot of times we are ruled by our minds and in our mind there are a lot of lies that we believe. In our hearts there only lies truth.

Again look around you and see how the world is changing, we’re moving from mind to heart. From the heart is also born compassion, and the more of that we have, the faster this world and race will change.

I’m loving the Dolores Cannon books, I’d highly recommend them to anyone wishing to understand more about where we came from, who we are, why we are here and where we’re going.


Thanks for reading!

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