Chapter 6 – Exploring Multi-dimensionality?

Boy oh boy was this a strange and yet fascinating dreaming session.

I set the intention before I fell asleep to observe and understand the meaning of being shown the various space crafts in my dreams.

What I actually experienced didn’t even come close, it was even more valuable.

Weirdness Alert: What I am about to go into felt SO REAL and to me it was. I appreciate to others this might seem totally weird.

There were three experiences that stand out with a transition state in between that I want to talk about.

#1 Interaction with a being on another planet

All throughout the night I was waking and drifting back into sleep. I felt constantly as if I was “tingling” with the out of body state. Every time I felt myself waking up, I found myself unable to feel my body, all I could feel was vibration and the fact I was in between 3 dimensional reality and wherever I was about to go.

As I drifted into the out of body experience, I saw a male being in front of me. He was Humanoid looking, with short grey hair, animal looking eyes – a little like a cats eye but I vaguely remember them being white. He looked older (I’d guess at 45 of our years) and wiser than me.

He was in a beach-like environment, there was an ocean, a tide, grass and it was daylight. He had a pet dog running around in the background only this wasn’t a dog that we would know, he had a donkey-looking head (but proportionate to his body). He looked like a cross between a donkey and a dog, the dog was young and running around behind him in the scene on the beach. The climate seemed very similar to ours, like a spring day.

He said his name (can’t remember – argh!) and said he was from the planet (sounded like) Nimo 5050.  I replied that my name was Steve and I was from the planet Earth.

I remember he told me that he had been speaking with his wife just before this experience and she had asked him if he was going to make contact and he had replied “Yes – absolutely!”.

I then said to him that I had dreamt about this the night before (definitely do not remember this) and he said that he wasn’t aware that I had been trying to make contact but seemed really pleased that we had.

We talked and he showed me his planet, I should tell you that this communication was entirely telepathic which was absolutely fascinating. I can’t remember what we were talking about, this is all that I could remember from the experience. I do remember leaving abruptly, I don’t know what drew me out, all I know is I wasn’t able to say goodbye to him.

My interpretation: I feel like what I connected with was another facet of my soul, he seemed friendly and it felt like we were connected. I’m thinking he could be a lion being from the cat like eyes and humanoid looking appearance, I’m not sure, I don’t know much about other races of beings.

#2 The InBetween State

After I came out of that experience, I found myself in a room where I was franticly on my phone writing down what had happened. I didn’t realise at the time that I was “fake” writing this all down, I’m glad I did because I think it helped me actually remember when I came back.

In this room there was a T.V screen on my left, it was always on and it was always playing something. I could look at this screen at any point and be totally immersed in (I think) a past life (or parallel life (or imprinted life)). I know I watched many throughout the “night” but one particularly stood out and I remembered clearly.

 #3 The Prisoner

As I looked at the TV screen, I was pulled into observing the scene.

There were around 7  people (looked human) in a dungeon standing around in a circle with a man on the floor with his hands tied. They were deciding what to do with him. If it was earth (not sure how it could have been – you’ll see later), then I’d say it was Victorian times. The dress was black and long robes/rough looking clothes and the people had long black hair.

It came about that this prisoner had killed his Father and then after his Mother was so distraught and struggling to cope, he had killed her too a short while later. I do not know the reasons why the man had done this.

In the room was both men and women and one of them was holding a baby. They were deciding what to do with the baby now that they had caught the man. I don’t know if the baby was his child or a sibling to him.

I could observe this scene from multiple angles, I couldn’t figure out if I was one of these people in a past life. The reason I didn’t know is because there was no emotional attachment to the situation or judgement, I didn’t feel like the man should be punished or feel sad that the baby was lonely now.

There were two male figures that I was focused on, the prisoner and a close friend/relative to the man.

It was eventually decided amongst the group that the close friend/relative would escort him out of the dungeon to be killed for his actions.

The scene moved outside where they were on a cliff side, it was grassy, there was the ocean below them. I thought that the man was going to kill him however he didn’t. Instead, there was a creature that approached them both.

*Super weird* – imagine a 7 foot tall grey squirrel. Like completely grey fur except for a strip around the neck area that was green. This massive squirrel didn’t seem menacing or threatening to them. He seemed like a calm creature and I saw him in perfect clarity, I saw him up close and could make out every fibre of fur. It was super strange and yet beautiful at the same time.

The man was carrying the prisoner in his arms when the squirrel approached them and bit down on the prisoners head. The man let go of the prisoner and he fell to the floor. I couldn’t tell if he was dead or just wounded, weirdly, the squirrel didn’t attack the other man. It wasn’t a pet, this was definitely a wild creature and I don’t think it was intentional that this was going to happen (i.e. it wasn’t a deliberate sacrifice by the man).

I then left the experience (which makes me wonder if I was the prisoner) and returned to the room with the screen.

My interpretation: Either I think I could have been the prisoner that had done the killing and was observing the final moments or I was the man close to the prisoner reliving the decision to have him killed.

I continued to write all this down in the notes in my “fake” phone in the room with the screen. At one point I remember the T.V. being so distracting because it was constantly playing that I wanted it to stop then bam! It switched off.

Experiencing Density

After that last experience I awoke and couldn’t quite believe what happened. But before I sign off this chapter I want to share one last thing I experienced throughout the night.

At one point where I was “in-between” dimensions I felt first hand what it was like to experience the transition to our 3rd dimensional density.

I could feel myself being condensed, I felt myself go from unlimited to limited. 

It was like I was being “squashed” and a force like gravity was pulling me together and downwards.

Everything I’ve heard about how hard it is to adjust to this dimension, I felt. And it felt like I was experiencing it for the first time. Although it didn’t hurt, it was super uncomfortable.

So that’s it for another chapter, last night was crazy weird and I really hope that I make contact again with the being on Nimo 5050. It’ll certainly be my intention tonight!

Thanks for reading.

– Steve


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