dolores cannon

Becoming Light(er) Beings

Recently, I’ve been diving deep into Dolores Cannon’s books and most recently The Convoluted Universe 5. There’s an absolutely fascinating chapter regarding someone that experiences a life where they are transitioning from being a dense-physical being to a being of light. This prompted me to talk about our transition and how one day we might actually achieve this state.


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My QHHT Experience

If you’ve read my “Chapters” blogs then you’ll know that I’ve had some pretty interesting dreams over the last year. During that time I had come across Dolores Cannon’s work and her Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT). It absolutely fascinated me the information that she was getting from her sessions and how much it resonated with me.

Knowing that she taught many students over the world this same technique of getting her patients in the deepest level of trance possible before sleep made me think that I could get some answers on what I’ve been experiencing.

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